How important is prayer in your life? According to the pages of Scripture as well as the testimony of billions of practitioners throughout history, prayer is your lifeline. It is your means of connecting with your Creator. Prayer enables you to converse with God while tapping into the wisdom and strength that He provides. When it comes to building a strong and secure life house, prayer is absolutely essential.    

What are your growth goals and how do you plan to achieve them? Having dreams and aspirations for your life is fine, but they matter little without a strategy to realize them. In every area of life—personal, professional, and spiritual—you need to establish a system if you hope to experience significant growth. You will not progress without a plan.

While your unique strategy will depend greatly on your goals and commitment level, here is a basic blueprint that can be used by virtually anyone seeking to grow...

Your beliefs guide your life. Whatever you hold to be true will affect your actions, your opinions, and your complete worldview. Accordingly, it is vital that you weigh your beliefs to determine their validity.

What, then, do you accept as Truth? Are you open to anything and everything, or are you more selective than that? Do you believe all you hear or do you have a way to filter the wheat from the chaff?...

“In the course of human events, it is not uncommon that you will face storms of monsoon or hurricane proportions.” That statement, taken from chapter four of Women Under Construction, is the reality for every person on the planet. We all encounter storms in life, many of which can threaten to topple us.

In construction, the term "façade" typically refers to the outward appearance of a building, particularly the front. Often, the façade is a false representation of the rest of the building. The front wall, for example, may appear to be Victorian in style while the rest of the building is of a more modern architectural design. In this case, the façade is used primarily for the sake of portraying an outward appearance, but it is inconsistent with what lies behind it.