In Women Under Construction, I discuss the dangers and realities of the storms of life. Storms can fill your life with stress, distractions, disappointments, temptations, and heartache. In order to survive these storms, consider practicing the discipline of silence.

Most of us are willing to extend forgiveness to a person who has offended us, especially if that person has come to us personally and accepted responsibility. It is not always as easy, though, when we are the ones in the wrong. Extending forgiveness can gracious; seeking forgiveness can be humbling.

Perhaps the greatest enemy of any relationship is bitterness. Within a family, the problem of bitterness becomes even more magnified. If it is not addressed appropriately and quickly, it can lead to the utter destruction of the family relationships.

How discerning are you when it comes to truth? Are you careful about what you allow to influence you and your thinking? Or do you embrace anything and everything, regardless of its worth?