We all get angry from time to time. Sometimes our anger is sparked by legitimate reasons such as a great injustice. Other times, our anger may be a response to more trivial matters. Either way, it is essential that we learn to control our anger and express it in appropriate ways.

We all experience valleys in life—days or seasons when everything seems to be conspiring against us. You might be going about your day when, suddenly, an unexpected phone call, text, or email throws your world into turmoil. Perhaps you receive some devastating news from your doctor or find out your job is being terminated. Maybe you learn of the loss of a loved one. Whatever the circumstances, what do you do when difficult days abound?

Dishonesty may be common but it is not desirable. Even those who are guilty of it recognize that dishonesty is not the best policy. When asked, they would tell you that they would prefer to be known as a person of honesty and integrity.