In the New Testament, James gave an interesting illustration about a man who neglected to act upon what he knows. According to James, this man looked at his reflection in a mirror, then turned away and immediately forgot what he looked like. What the man saw led to no action and therefore made no difference.

Picture yourself doing something similar. You wake up in the morning, stumble into the bathroom to gaze into the mirror, and you are greeted by your disheveled appearance. Imagine you then turn away nonchalantly and head out the door on your way to work, completely ignoring the image you have seen.

Does that describe the extent of your typical morning ritual? Hopefully, it does not. It is more likely that you respond to your reflection by taking a shower, washing your face, brushing your teeth, styling your hair, applying makeup, and caring for the basic requirements for good hygiene. Granted, the nature of your work will dictate the extent of your morning preparation. To not act upon what you observe in the mirror, however, would be unthinkable for most people.

Along with this illustration, James advised his readers, "But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves" (James 1:22, KJV). In other words, do not be satisfied to simply hear wisdom. Instead, put it into action. Do what it says. Otherwise, you will miss the whole point. The wisdom of Scripture is intended to help us in our lives; by neglecting it and refusing to put it into practice, we only hurt ourselves.

In Women Under Construction, I express it this way: "Embrace wisdom. Do not merely listen, but also obey" (p. 61). It is foolish to know what you ought to do and then not do it. Yet many people do just that. Perhaps they fail to realize the urgency of acting, perhaps they become distracted by other things, or perhaps they are simply prone to procrastination. Whatever the reason, they have the wisdom to know what must be done but fail to put that wisdom into practice.

Wisdom can be derived from a variety of sources. It can come through Scripture or prayer, it can be attained through a gift of personal discernment, or it can be gleaned from a friend, family member, or mentor. No matter the source, if it is truly wisdom, then you had best respond accordingly.

What wisdom have you been given? Are there things you already know must be done that you have been putting off for far too long? Set aside the excuses, overcome your inertia, and act.
Britny Jones
2/29/2012 12:45:48 am

wow, we have been on the same brainwave frequency lately. I've been thinking the same thing about turning down the volume in my life and listening to what the Lord is trying to tell me - and has told me in the past already.

And I think that's part of the point I got from this: we may have already been given the answer to our big problem, but have we done it? or have we forgotten it already?

Lot's of wisdom in your words Tifphanie, as always.

6/13/2012 09:22:41 pm

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3/5/2012 10:30:46 am

your words makes me think you have a courtside seat to my life. I hear you coach; you are making a difference.

April Hill
3/6/2012 08:21:26 am

Wow!... Clearly a notion to definitely think about and allow to resonate in my spirit. As God's people, it is imperative for us to understand that wisdom is key to our spiritual and natural growth. And we must apply it to our lives. In addition, understanding is just as important. I believe a lot of the wisdom we attain we don't understand and therefore it's easy for us to not apply it to our lives. Proverbs always couples wisdom with understanding. Why? Because once understanding has taken place, your spiritual eyes begin to open. And you realize the power and the freedom it will bring to your life once you make application of it.

Thanks Aunt Tiffany!!


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